Magic pills, potions and unicorns

If you’re looking for a magic pill to solve all of your weight loss problems

My courses are not going to be for you

I stand for your health

Your happiness

And building your body confidence

So that when you leave my services

You don’t just fall back into another diet

My 12 week course is designed to cover the basics

And frankly

The basics are all you need to kick start your weight loss

If you over complicate it, you will fail -> AGAIN

After you finish 12 weeks with me you will understand

You’ll understand your body and be able to listen to it

So that when you are having a craving you will know why and WHAT to do about it

Being in tune with your body is vital if you want LONG TERM success

I don’t do short term fads

Weight loss is not easy

If it were, you would already be the size and shape that you want!

Weight loss is hard work

If you are prepared to work hard to achieve what you want

Then this course is for you

Apply here:

No course is a magic pill

If you continue to hop from diet to diet

From class to class, your weight loss will continue to fluctuate up and down

Probably damaging your metabolism long term

You won’t suddenly wake up one day having everything that you want

What you want, if it is truly important to you…

You won’t mind having to work for it

Nothing worth having, ever came easy

I am looking for 10 ladies who want to work hard

And get the body that they deserve

If this sounds like you

And you’re done chasing unicorns

Join my 12 week course

And transform your body and mind

Nicola ‘you’re a wizard’ Rossell

Bespoke Weight Loss Programme