Love Island lessons learned

Did you see the end of Love Island this week?

There was a big showcase ending where the winning couple had to decide whether they would split the money

It was time for them to be honest and step out from behind the mask

And decide whether the relationships they had built over 2 months, were honest

Or whether they were just a farce for the cameras

In the end love won the day

And the winning couple shared the money

It was nice to see that their ‘performances’ had not been a mask or a lie

They had simply fallen in love (with a few dramatic road bumps along the way)

But it’s incredibly common to wear a mask in public

To hide who you really are

To mask how you really feel

When you are over weight, it can be hard to admit the truth

That you hate it

That you feel down about it

Because in general the world is not very sympathetic

So you put your face on

Your mask on

And pretend that its ok, pretend that you don’t mind!

I have sympathy AND empathy for anyone who is feeling unhappy, unhealthy and lacking confidence

Especially if you are afraid to admit the truth

But what I don’t let my ladies get away with…is self-pity

Being overweight is no crime

The crime that you commit toward yourself, is if you remain that way and moan about it

Moan about how you want things to be different

Whinge about how hard it is

And maybe you’re right

It is hard to lose weight!!!

If it were easy to get this right

We wouldn’t have an expanding population (and I’m not talking about number of people here)

The ladies that I work with are driven

They WANT things to change (just like you do)

But the difference is….they take action and get the results that they want to see

I’m offering you that chance today

Take a step forward with me

Take off your mask

Admit the truth (even if only to yourself)

And START doing something about it

I invite you to apply for a free strategy call

If you’re willing to take responsibility and take action today GO HERE ->

But if you want to stay the same

If you want to stay stuck in a rut

Moaning about how unfair life is

Then we would be a terrible fit to work together

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