Losing control around the festive feasts

We went to the Birmingham Xmas Market yesterday

This is the kind of event that would have sent me down the rabbit hole a few years ago!

All of the chocolates, cheeses, sweets and churros

The hot-dogs, the burgers, the gluhwein…

All of the temptation

All of the things that I was not allowed to eat

Or at least that’s what I had convinced myself was the reality

I had such a long list of things that were naughty

I had talked myself into ‘eating clean‘ and that that was how I was going to be healthy

I had absolutely NO IDEA of what HEALTH truly meant

Back then I was constantly

These days things are different!

These days I have a much more relaxed approach to my whole lifestyle

I realised life was far too short to miss out on having fun and eating things that I enjoy

Life was also far too short to be so tense, anxious and worked up!

This is NOT about having a free for all in all areas of lifestyle

It’s not about eating everything and anything that you want without a second thought!

My approach is about finding a way of eating, drinking, exercising and LIVING that works for you and your family

A way of life that includes the things that you LOVE and ENJOY….without harming your health!

So if you are in the position that I was in a few years back



Talk to me about HOW you can turn this around


These days I got to events, parties, markets and feel relaxed, confident and free

I don’t impose rules upon my self

I simply know HOW to make the best choices for my health

And the FREEDOM that I feel is worth more than anything else in my life

The freedom to be HAPPY