A life less ordinary

Yesterday I spoke about getting distracted

It’s incredibly easy to procrastinate

To allow yourself to become distracted

When you don’t love what you do

There are LOADS of ways to design your life

Almost infinite numbers of methods, and variations

And yet you are stuck hating your life

Hating your body

Hating what you do?

And hating the steps that you know you need to take to get where you want to be…

Am I right?

It does NOT have to be this way!


I LOVE what I do

I used to hate my life and myself (and everyone else who had what I wanted!)

I used to think life was about earning pennies and pushing myself to the limit of sanity

Because that is the rat race

That is what everyone else is doing

So it must be the right thing to do……right?


If you do what everyone else does

You will get what everyone else has

  1. Fatness
  2. Sickness
  3. Health problems
  4. Unhappiness

Do you really want what the masses have?

When you could design your life to be exactly how you want it?

I worked my ass off, and I mean that

I worked damn hard for years

And I achieved nothing

I probably went backwards, I made myself sick, unhappy and I coped by eating a tonne of chocolate

Yeah, I don’t even think that’s an exaggeration, a literal tonne of chocolate!

I got fatter, sicker, unhappier and I was stuck in a rut

A big one

Until I got a coach

Until he taught me about life design

Until he showed me that there are more important things

Like, first of all ….taking care of myself

And you know what

As soon as I started to do this

Everything shifted

And I now lead a life I love

I’m not just alive

I’m actually living…

It doesn’t look like a conventional life

But it is a life that works for me

You have a choice…..you can either do what you love, or do what you hate

But I beseech you

Please choose love

Nicola ‘a life less ordinary’ Rossell

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