Leanne Baker: My Experience of Rossell Fitness


30 days into training at RF

Here is what she has to say about what we do:

Diet, restrict, fattening, overweight, strict, binge, empty calories, junk food, rabbit food, stop, can’t, don’t – these are just some of the negative words associated with diet and fitness that you will NEVER hear from Nicola Rossell. She runs Rossell Fitness from the private White Tiger gym in the Oadby industrial estate and her philosophy is clear: to give you freedom, flexibility, and fun.

For a start, Nicola invites you to singular classes as and when you feel like coming, or you can enrol on a monthly subscription that you can cancel any time you like – your first bit of freedom. The second part to this aspect at Rossell Fitness is that Nicola will never ask you to give up the foods you love. As my personal trainer, she’s told me to eat what I want to eat.

Before I started with the women’s weight loss specialist, she asked me to fill in a form. It covered everything from my current health and future goals all the way through to my hobbies, likes, dislikes and favourite foods. It felt good to fill this in about myself knowing she was really taking a personal interest in me.

On my first session, Nicola asked me to write down all the foods I considered healthy and all the foods I thought of as unhealthy. She then told me that she will never describe any food as ‘bad’, but that if the things I want to eat make me feel ‘bad’ afterwards then that’s a reason not to eat it. I love the fact that she wants me to enjoy food.

Mindfulness is essential for Nicola to help you achieve your goals. She’s taught me to be mindful of how I feel about myself and to focus on the positives. I’ve actively attempted this every day and it’s only now as I write this that I’ve realised how much happier and lighter I’ve felt without even really thinking about it. It’s been amazing seeing for myself how effective positive thinking and living in the moment really is.

I’m now in the mind-set of being active. If I haven’t moved much in the day I take just a few minutes to do some leg raises while I watch TV for example. Anything that increases your heart rate or has you feeling that encouraging burn is good – and it only takes a few minutes to incorporate into your day.

It’s this method that has helped me lose 4lb in three weeks as well as inches lost. And I’m extremely happy with this because I’ve never once felt restricted and have enjoyed my training. This is not a quick fix, it’s a long term solution that is sustainable and enjoyable instead of some fad diet that sheds weight fast while your life is temporarily limited until you come off the diet and your body goes back to how it once was.

She checks in every week asking how you’re feeling and sends a form for you to fill in about your goals short-term, what you need help with, and what’s made you happy or sad this week.

Nicola is the ultimate fitness friend you need.

Leanne x