Ladies transformation course kicks off

We kicked off the ladies transformation this week

10 ladies super keen to change their health status

To feel more confident

And to work on their bodies, minds and lifestyles to create something great

Not only do I promise to help you change your life

But I also offer a money back guarantee

Because I know how hard it is for you to part with your money

You’ve probably tried loads of diets

And spent a lot of money in the pursuit of weight loss

Understandably you feel cautious about investing in another programme that might not work!

I’m different….

Not only because I say I am

Because my ladies actually make long term changes (see testimonials)

This is no diet

This is not a fad or a flash in the pan


This will only work if you are prepared to do the work to change!

It’s an interactive course designed to get you to think for yourself

If you want to be placed on the waiting list for the next course

Just click this link to apply for a coaching call

Nicola ‘coach’ Rossell


I did say you can have your money back if it doesn’t work!

And I 100% mean that!

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