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Janet 14 months ago …

A health and fitness success story

Where the success story began

Success story Janet Fletcher, Rossell Fitness

Now I see a lot of these transformation pictures where people show how much progress they made and some might say that the power of these images has become diluted.

But I feel that when someone has worked incredibly hard to achieve something, changed their lifestyle and habits to build a healthier and fitter life for themselves they become a role model for others.

So this is the purpose of this blog post, to big up Janet’s achievements in the hope that we can inspire other people to make changes to their health.

Now we are not saying its been an easy journey, its been tough at times, and there have been times where she couldn’t see the wood for the trees.

Success in the race for life drove Janet forwards to her goals

But what cannot be denied is that Janet stuck to her programme as best as she could manage and was as consistent as she could be and these are the results!

Janet lost 3.5stone over 14 months! She has lost inches from everywhere, and her fitness is through the roof!

Success, success, success!!!

And just look at her now, she looks and feels fantastic.

Fitness and health through hard work, what a success

It was not plain sailing

But ‘nothing worth having comes easy’

When the going got tough, we talked it through and found a new way.

When progress seemed to be stagnating, we shook things up a little.

Training and progress aren’t linear processes and the more that Janet came to understand how training and nutrition worked together and how lifestyle plays a big factor in both of these things, the easier it became for us to continue making progress.

What a success

Now Janet has control over her health

You can read Janet’s testimonial here if you want to hear a little more about her journey.

If Janet has inspired you to make some small changes to your health and fitness the you can get in touch with me via phone or email. Or you can pop in to see me at White Tiger Gym, Oadby.

What is your motivation, find your ‘why’

If you want to get back into those party dresses, or if you just want to feel comfortable in your own skin, we work with you individually to give you your confidence back and we teach you to respect your body for what it can do.

Janet’s stats

Janet can deadlift 45kg

She can squat 30kg front and back!

She can run 5km+

She can hold a quality plank for 4mins – that’s some core she has developed

Janet has gone from size 20 down to size 12 on the bottom

And from size 18 down to size 12 on top

Janet no longer hates her body, she respects her body and what it can achieve, she is strong and fit and with this knowledge, her attitude transformed and she now believes that anything is possible.

Everyone has to start from somewhere, you just need to make the decision to try!

Janet's success has seen her confidence thrive