It’s not sexy

My personal trainer PET PEEVES



I want to start by saying I am 100% committed to helping you get results

I want you to get them as fast as possible BUT so often I see risky, questionable and dangerous practises and strategies that simply will leave you feeling MORE confused, more frustrated and set you back even further.

Yes you might lose 1/2 a stone in 2 weeks and you’ll feel great for a while BUT what about when you no longer follow the plan.

You haven’t learned anything.

You don’t understand your body any better

You haven’t learned how to take care of yourself.

You haven’t built up a foundation of health.

You haven’t been putting powerful strategies into place to ensure that your results stick around.


Can you see a reason to drop your ideas about these fad diets and programmes.

These fast fixes are a myth….

I have to tell you….there are no quick and easy ways to get the type of results that you want.

Anyone who is telling you otherwise is lying to you and misleading you (probably earning a pretty penny from you as well).

When you want things to change, when you are sick of trying every new diet and plan hoping that the next one will be ‘the magic cure’

When you are tired of blaming yourself and feeling fed up….

I’ll be here ready to talk to you about lifestyle change.

It’s not sexy.

The process is not jazzy with flashing lights, bells and whistles.

It’s simply the solid, effective strategies that actually work.

That allow you to build up something that truly works in your life.

For you AND your family too.

Yes it will take more time and effort at the beginning.

Yes It might feel more confusing at first because it will be different from all of the generic diet stuff that you’ve been following for years (or decades)….

….. but what you get at the end is FREEDOM, CLARITY, UNDERSTANDING, INDEPENDENCE, EMPOWERMENT to take back the control of your health, happiness and confidence.

Are you interested?

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