Its not all about you

I mean it’s mostly about you

When you want to change for the better

But have you ever considered the effect that you are having on those around you?

Your partner, who has to constantly tell you ‘no honey, you look great’

Because your confidence is at an all-time low

Your partner who has to put up with your moods because you feel like crap

Your partner who has to pick up the slack when you are dieting because you have no energy

Your friends who want you to be happy

Your friends who have to listen to you enthuse about the next new diet and wonder if this will be the time that they get their friend back to normal, where food isn’t an enemy, and exercise isn’t a punishment

Your kids….

This for me is the MOST hard hitting one

Every time you look in the mirror and pinch an inch you are teaching your kids that there are conditions for loving themselves

Every time you say something negative about your body, you teach them

Every time you get angry or upset, you teach them

Every time you comment on someone else’s body, you teach them

Every time you focus on the outer shell, you teach them

You are teaching them that you don’t love yourself unconditionally

And this stuff sticks

It follows through generation after generation

Women everywhere feeling frustrated, saddened, and lonely

Women who want to be different

But just don’t know how to be different

I can tell you now

EXACTLY what you need to do

IF you truly want things to be different?

Start to love yourself unconditionally

No matter what your shape or size

No matter if thing do need to change

Until you accept and love who you are

You will never change

Love yourself like a child loves you

Your kids when they are 2,3 4 years old don’t love you with conditions


They don’t see fat/thin

They see MUMMY

Their beautiful mummy

This is what we do on my ladies only transformation course

I teach ladies to love themselves

And we work hard to build a healthy relationship with your body

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