“It’s kinda obvious.. but”

“It’s kinda obvious.. but”

Consider that the longer you put off doing and avoiding the required work… you’re also putting off and avoiding the results you say you want…..

I speak to ladies just like you all of the time

The story is always the same

You want to change

But something is holding you back

[enter your go to excuse here]

(some of these are legit excuses by the way!)

But do you know what I say….too bad then…..putting off these changes, is putting off changing..!

It might sound harsh

But I’m not here to make it fluffy and sugar coat it for you

I have done my job well IF you are compelled to take action

If you get off your backside and do ANYTHING

Whether that’s coming to work with me

Or whether that’s going it alone

At this point…I just want you to stop bullsh*tting yourself

  1. If you are unhappy (like you said you are)
  2. If you feel unhealthy (like you say you do)
  3. If you lack confidence in your body and your abilities (like you feel right now)

The longer you wait to change something

The longer it will take to get there

The longer you remain sad, frustrated and fed up…….

The longer you stay sad, frustrated and fed up

….get it?

If you do nothing

You get……….drum roll………………..nothing!

Sitting there feeling sorry for yourself will only end one way

Get up

Like right now

Get up

And commit to changing something

The easiest thing….

Click this link


And get on the phone with me and I will help you

I will help you develop a strategy

I will help you to kick start this

I will help you dig yourself out of the rut that you are in


Nicola ‘callin’ y’all out’ Rossell

Individual Personal Training