It will feel hard at first

We’ve all been there right?

We spiral into eating junk and being a lazy slob

junk food

And we sedate for a while because the temporary sugar buzz is better than the constant misery…

We comfort, because that’s what we’ve learned to do!

When bad stuff happens

Naturally you want to make yourself feel better

You are only human!

But there will come a point in your life

The point where the pain of staying the same, is worse than the pain of change

Because thinking about change is hard

And actually changing your lifestyle is hard too

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that changing your body shape is easy

Because it isn’t

If it was, you’d already have the body that you want

But you don’t!

Do you?

You’re sick of feeling like you are the only one who can’t get this healthy eating thing down

Why does everyone else like carrot sticks and celery???


You’re totally fed up of watching other women strut around with perfect bodies

And you’re utterly tired of trying diet after diet that promise you everything

And leave you with nothing …. but a hole in your bank balance!

I’m here to offer you an alternative

First off you should know that I offer a money back guarantee on all of my services

If you do not get the results that I promise you

You can have your money back


Secondly you should know that I only work with ladies who are ready to change

If you’ve reached that point in your life…

The point where the pain of staying the same, is worse than the pain of change

Yes change is hard

But I help you with that bit

HOWEVER … It’s your job to decide that you are ready to work hard

Because it will feel like hard work at first

You’re out of shape

You’re unfit

But given the chance to nourish your body

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You’ll be amazed at the results you could achieve

Get the body that you deserve

Apply today

Nicola ‘don’t hit rock bottom’ Rossell

Advanced Nutrition Coaching