It really was fantastic

If you have been itching to go and see Fantastic Beasts and where to find them




It’s truly fantastic

My favourite bit (don’t worry, no spoilers) was probably Eddie Redmayne

Aka Newt Scamander

Offering his hind quarters to a rhinoceros type magical creature

And completing the first part of the magical mating ritual to entice the rhino back into the magical suitcase

Typing it out makes it sound insane…..!

My other favourite bit

Is when they consume the giggle juice

Drinking alcohol

This movie is set in the great depression in New York

Instead of drowning their sorrows in bootleg liquor

The wizards consumed giggle juice (probably with similar effects to the moonshine)

And this got me thinking

We could all do with a good dose of giggle juice to keep our spirits high

What do you do that makes you happy?

To the beachBooksDancingski

Do you set aside time purely just to do stuff that makes you smile and laugh?

For me its


Walks in the country

And learning to dance

What do you do?

I’d love to know

A while back I figured that with the stresses of modern day life

The obsession with mobile phones

The obsession with comparing to everyone else

And the impact of being busy all the time

I wanted to schedule time to commit to doing things that made me happy

And you know what

As soon as I started doing that

I was a happier, more content person

I was more able to cope with the little things that used to make me crazy


Wouldn’t you like to be a little happier?

And have that extra bit of patience for when you really need it?

Do something every week for the sole purpose of making yourself smile

Let me give you a few ideas

….there are endless ideas

Find your happy place

And stay in it for as long as you can


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