It just seems so out of reach for me

I want to share my workout schedule with you today


I want to do this because I think it can often be intimidating to think about making some positive changes when you are worried about it all being a bit too much


It can seem so far out of reach, that you don’t make any changes!


I want to share it with you so that you can see that it doesn’t have to be heaps of exercise


My intention is to make you feel more comfortable and more confident with taking that next step….


…and break down that mountain a bit!



So I want you to see that I lead by example in all things


I want you to know that I built myself up to this level over years (not days)



Gym workout 40mins

Walk 8000-10000 steps



SWIM 30mins

Walk 12000 steps (with dog)



Walk 12000 steps (with dog)



Swim 30mins

Walk 12000 steps (with dog)



Gym workout 30mins

Yoga 30mins



Walk 12000 steps (with dog)



Gym workout 30mins

Walk 7000 steps



My goal here is not to get you comparing what you do with what I do



I was not able to do as much exercise 12 months ago


I looked at my life and the changes that were possible for me, and built up to doing what feels good for me


I started off swimming for 15mins, then 20, then 25…until I got to 30


I started off doing 20mins in the gym, then 25, then 35 until I got to 40mins


I started off walking 5000 steps, and then I gradually built up


Overall my workouts take 30mins out of my day


Across the day I will walk for 90mins (twice with the dog and the rest just pottering) to achieve those step counts


This is a reasonable amount for me, but what YOU will have to do is work out where you can fit things in AND THEN build them up when the time is right for you


If you want to talk about it with me and build your understanding around the idea of initiating some exercise and creating a healthy balance


Please get in touch ->>>