It all starts with a thought

Have you ever given much thought to your thoughts?

And how your thoughts affect your actions

You’re here reading this because I talk about weight loss

And I help ladies to lose weight (and keep it off for good!)

And you’re hoping that by reading, and learning

You will be able to emulate the results that I generate with my members

I certainly hope for this too!

I’m rooting for you!

Which is why I wanted to get you thinking about your thoughts

Becuase the way that you think

The things that you think…

Can either be your biggest asset


Because your thoughts dictate your beliefs

And your beliefs dictate your actions each day

And your actions, well, the things that YOU DO……determine your weight loss results

Are you following me so far?


It occurred to me the other day that our thoughts can be like a parasite

Feeding from us

Draining our energy

Our resolve

Our willpower

And puttng a halt to all of the good things that we intend to do

Because we are FULL of good intentions

I know that you start each week intending to be ‘good’

To eat the right food

To hit the gym or go for a walk

To live the life that you KNOW leads to the weight loss that you want

But things get in the way

Doubt creeps in

Things happen

And before you know it

Another weeks has crept by, and you’ve gotten no closer to where you want to be

In fact, you FEEL like you have gone backward

And you begin to drift

You begin to question the point of trying…..because it only ever leads you to disappointment

You begin to question whether you are ever going to be able to lose weight and have the lifestyle that you want!


I’m not just saying that

It IS possible

BUT you have to build the right mindset

You absolutely MUST have a strategy in place to develop your confidence

To protect your energy

SO THAT when it comes time to make the choices in your lifestyle that determine your results

You are able to make the best ones!

And it all starts with a thought!

Don’t allow your thoughts to feed off you and drain you of the energy that you need

Let’s have a chat about the thoughts that are leading you down the road of frustration, and confusion about weight loss

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Nicola ‘exterminator’ Rossell