Is the heat totally kicking your ass at the moment?

Is the heat totally kicking your ass at the moment?

It makes the thought of doing anything remotely sweaty, abhorrent!

I think I’m taking about 3 extra showers a day (cold ones!) just to feel like a normal human ;-)

Training in this heat, unless you have an air conditioned gym (and house) is harder

Getting out for walks, and doing other stuff, is harder

Because we are not used to the heat and the humidity

We still expect to be able to do the same stuff, even though the external circumstances have changed

So what we really need to do is alter our expectations

And even alter our plans, to account for the changes in our environment

Yes it’s hotter        

Yes it’s less motivating

Yes it’s more draining

But there is still a WHOLE BUNCH of great stuff that you could do, and still work toward your weight loss and lifestyle goals

Your goals don’t all revolve around exercise….do they?

At RF we set goals across the board….so that come the times when you are more busy, or external circumstances prevent you from doing exercise….

There is always something else that you can do to move closer to your goals!

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