Inspire your little ones

I often have conversations with mums who are doing their level best to juggle busy lives with being fit, strong, motivated and bringing up kids

It’s amazing to me that these brilliant ladies have such low self confidence when what they achieve in a day is nothing short of incredible

We set our own standards so high (too high to really achieve consistently)

And then we berate ourselves for not being able to do it all

Often falling into cycles of time motivated by thoughts like:

‘I’m not good enough’

‘I can’t do this health and fitness thing!’

‘It’s too hard to balance it all’

‘What’s the point in all of this?’

If you know what I’m talking about (ie, those inner thoughts ring a bell…) then just drop me an email to say ‘amen’

The point though, especially if you ARE a mum (but this is also important if you don’t have kids too!)

Is that everything that you do

Everything that you say to yourself

Everything that you justify

They copy

You are inspiring and teaching the next generation about what is important

About what to value

About how to be the best version of themselves day to day

If you are consistently falling off the wagon

You are teaching them that its OK to de-value their health and well-being because sometimes it feels hard

If you are consistently abusing your own body with junk food, sugar, booze or other substances…

You are teaching them that its OK to medicate and sedate when things feel a bit out of your control!

I know that juggling a full time life is hard work

And I don’t for one moment want to make you feel like you are failing

Because you’re not

You are a fricking super heroin

The only person who doesn’t see this …IS YOU

And as a result of this….you tip over the edge into feeling demotivated, frustrated and fed up

Which leads you down a bad road where food, drink and exercise is involved!

Are you beginning to get a glimmer of what I am talking about?

There is a whole bunch more that I could say

But I’ll leave you to ruminate on that one for a while…

And if you’re still feeling a bit stuck….

Let’s talk about it —>>>

I look forward to hearing from you…



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