I’m a sucker

I’m a sucker for doing the easy stuff

Yes that’s right here is my confession

I’m a sucker

Because I often choose to take the easy path

The path of avoidance

Because to be honest….the other path looks harder

The route more tricky

The pitch, steeper

And sometimes I want an easy life

(And that’s ok)

Its ok to spend your days getting easy wins

Doing the easy stuff

And getting short term, satisfying results


This approach only really works if you already have the things that you want

If you are already HEALTH

Already HAPPY on a consistent basis

Already CONFIDENT with the choices that you are making

And CONTENT with the results that you are getting?

  1. If you don’t have these things
  2. If you are NOT feeling HEALTH
  3. If you are NOT feeling HAPPY
  4. If you are NOT feeling CONFIDENT
  5. If you have NO ENERGY
  6. If you are LACKING in the RESULTS department

Then sometimes you have to walk the path less trodden

Sometimes you NEED to face the hard stuff

Because if you don’t

You will stay the same

You will be staying the same state

With the same feelings, the same reality!

(and like I said, if you already have what you want in life, then this is A-OK)

You can get some great short terms results changing what you eat

Working out a bit more

Drinking more water

Cutting back on junk

Walking to work etc etc

And these are all good things to do

But if you are not willing to face what is really holding you back

If you are not willing to put in the time and effort in doing the hard work

The mindset work

The true tasks, and practises that are going to change your lifestyle LONG TERM

Then you are accepting that you are willing to stay the same

You can only get SO far with the surface level stuff

You can only change for so long, with simple lifestyle swaps

If you know that your habits run deeper

If you know that you are avoiding doing the REAL work

The REAL HARD work

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