I’m a sucker for happy endings

I made a big verbal mistake this week

I was in the middle of giving someone a massage

And we were having a chat about movies and tv shows

And I said….

‘I am a sucker for happy endings’ ….

Now I don’t know what you know about massages and the rumoured goings on….

Especially the less savoury massage parlours….

But this was the wrong thing to say

I hastily retreated and tried to cover up my Freudian slip

But the damage was done

And my client could not stop giggling …..

However ->

What you can be 100% sure of is that I won’t be making any verbal mistakes on Wednesday night next week

I’ll be delivering a seminar packed with tasty nuggets of useable information

My top practises

My best advice

And the best kept secrets in health and fitness

To give you the best chance of losing weight, and keeping it off

Whilst building on your health, happiness and confidence

To create and sculpt the best version of yourself!

Be there

Or be square


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Nicola ‘red faced’ Rossell