I’ll start again on Monday

Working in health and fitness, I think the most common phase I hear is…


‘I’ll start again on Monday’




‘I’ll get back ‘on it’ on Monday’


(caveat…if it’s a bank holiday….I’ll start again on Tuesday..!)


I can’t tell you how much it pains me to hear this over and over again


It comes from a dieting mentality where you have broken your ‘rules’ and as a results of feeling like you’ve failed….you decide that the rest of the week is therefore a write off


So…..you just wait until Monday comes around again and give yourself a free pass to dive off the diet cliff for the rest of the week


The BIG PROBLEM here is that it isn’t just your weight loss that suffers if you keep taking breaks from making healthy choices



All of these things take a hit when you decide that making healthy choices is conditional


Your health, your longevity, your well being….these are NON NEGOTIABLE when you work with me


I cannot make you be ready to hear this message


And I won’t try to force you to change your beliefs about dieting


I can only be here when you are ready to embrace a different way


You are getting older every day (me too!)


It will get harder every day that you do not put your health first


* Choose to change your mentality


* Choose to learn about health first


* Choose to follow a path that promotes and protects YOUR HEALTH and CONFIDENCE


* Choose to put your old beliefs about food and exercise behind you IF you know in your heart of hearts that those belief systems are just sending you around in circles, and depleting what is left of your willpower and your confidence


If you are READY right now


If you know that circling around feeling frustrated and fed up is not going to get you anywhere


What do you have to lose from having a chat with me about making some changes?


Let’t talk about it ->>> https://www.rossellfitness.co.uk/strategy-call/


The way we do it here at ROSSELL FITNESS is not fixed


We take you as an individual and we make a lifestyle plan that works for you


We are all different


We all have different needs


Our bodies all respond in different ways…let’s embrace that and start taking some responsibility for our own results


We will never preach about our method because we take a bespoke approach




We simply want to share the fact that we have found a way to get the best out of our health, whilst still having a vivid and varied social life, whilst still enjoying our food and still getting the weight loss results that we want!


I’d love to talk to you about it…..