If I’m being honest…

I’ve not had a good fortnight ….. but I choose to look at this as positively as I can and extract the good out of the bad

I am sharing this with you so that you can understand that NO-ONE has it easy, and no-one is doing well ALL OF THE TIME

We are all the same, we have ups and downs and its important that you understand this when you are listening to people or following people on social media that they often ONLY share the good stuff (this is NOT their reality)

I used to sabotage myself when the going got tough

I was very hard on myself, and I felt bad when things didn’t go my way (whether I had control over it or not)

This is a pattern I see now in the ladies that I work with, the desire for perfection and when perfection cannot be achieved, falling off the cliff and feeling like a failure

When you feel like this, you do anything that you can to feel better (eating, drinking, drugs, procrastinating, online shopping….etc)

In this bad period that I’ve been having recently…

I’ve not sabotaged myself

I’ve not binged

I’ve not gone backwards (I record my wins every day so that I have evidence when I need it, like NOW)

I’ve not felt great day to day….but that’s life

I could choose to see these weeks as a write off (like I would have done in the past) but that’s not how we make progress with our mentality

I chose to view these weeks as lessons

I was challenged physically and emotionally, and I did my best to stay afloat

It didn’t feel good but being tested rarely does feel good

You just come out of it feeling stronger and more resilient

Learn from the bad times and know that they do end….

…..And without the bad we gave no reference for the good.

We don’t want to stay in the bad but sometimes it can’t be helped, and you will come out of the bad when you are ready to!

I am not glad that the last 2 weeks happened (a very good friend of mine passed away and I would do anything to reverse this tragedy)

But I will keep fighting to be stronger, healthier (physically and emotionally) and to keep doing my best

That is all you can ever ask of yourself!

I’ll be here go talk about it if you want a chat about your challenges

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All the best