I would lose weight BUT……

Your life is always going to be full of REASONS that you are NOT able to start your weight loss journey


It’s Halloween soon, so there will be loads of candy around


It’s also nearly Xmas, so there will be lots of chocolate and mince pies lying around the house


Then there is that weird gap between Xmas and new year where we might as well keep indulging


Diwali is coming up


and Bonfire night which means toffee apples and hog roasts….


My birthday falls in the next month, so that’s basically a write off isn’t it???


Then there is that wedding…


Oh and I’m off on holiday all inclusive for a week too so I’ll be ‘off’ my diet then


I hear this sort of thing ALL OF THE TIME


It is born from a belief that we should or shouldn’t be eating certain foods


And when we inevitably end up eating them (cake at parties, chocolate watching Netflix, popcorn at the movies, dessert at the fancy restaurant) we feel ultra levels of guilt and shame


The thing is….


If you keep making EXCUSES to STOP being healthy


If you keep putting off your healthy journey until the next EVENT is over and done with


You are postponing your health


You are postponing an opportunity to understand your body better


You are creating a stronger DISCONNECT between you and your emotional health






We look forward to eating out because we have a bulletproof mindset around our food


We love food PERIOD


We love eating well and looking after our bodies


AND we LOVE not feeling guilty or ashamed or frustrated about our food choices



We follow some simple guidelines so that we have a framework to build our meals on


We share loads of cool recipes that taste great


And we encourage each other to eat in a way that suits our bodies…..


….To eat in a way that boosts our energy and makes us feel nourished!



Ultimately we work on creating a healthy and happy relationship with our bodies and with our food choices!



If you are spending a lot of time ‘falling off your wagon’


If you are spending a lot of time feeling guilty and ashamed of your choices


If you know that you are using excuses to STAY STUCK instead of being brave and taking a step towards better health….


Let’s just talk about it


No commitment


No judgement


No guilt


No shame


Just you opening up your world to me where we can talk about how YOU FEEL about food, how you feel about your body and your health




I hope that I hear from you soon