I woke up with no motivation

I woke up with no motivation

This happened to me the other day

Once I’ve had a shower I’m usually good to go and feel pretty stoked to get on with my day and live my life

But occasionally I wake up with zero motivation

Sometimes we just don’t feel like doing much at all, never mind make an extra effort to do the things that are needed to lose weight right

I’m sure you’ve felt like that right?

The thing is we all have these days

But no one is talking about it

We all post our happy faces on facebook

We filter our lives on insta so it appears that we are all living these perfect lives

The reality is different

Change and health is hard

If it were easy we would all be healthy, happy and confident

But we are not!

There is more obesity now than ever

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There are more obesity related health issues than ever before

Something is going wrong

There is a disconnect somewhere…

I know for a fact that the WORST thing that I could do when I wake up in a grump is to surf social media – seeing how everyone else is super motivated

That’s not what I need to see when I feel flat as a blimmin pancake!

What might help though -> having a certain task that you do, or a place that you go when you feel like that

Often we just need to kickstart our healthy habit routine

And more often than not other healthy habits fall into place just because you got the ball rolling

Some really simple hacks that you can do to help trigger these behaviours include:

  1. Keeping a glass of water by your bed so when you wake up you can drink and feel refreshed
  2. Keep your journal and a pen by your bed so you can jot down 3 things you are grateful for when you wake up
  3. Plant your tracksuit bottoms by your bed so that when you wake up, you can put them on – once they are on you are more likely to go for that walk, or do your gym sesh!

Drinking water for health

So can you see, it’s really about breaking down some of the small barriers to healthy habits

Once you do one

It’s like a domino effect

Domino effect

Just start doing something and you’ll find that it doesn’t seem so hard once you’re doing it!



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