I wish you a merry xmas

I wish you a merry xmas

I wish you a merry xmas

I WISH you a merry xmas

La la la laaaa la laaaaaaa

I hope that you are in a good place

A healthy place

Where you can enjoy your meal

Have some treats

And feel satisfied and happy

Without guilt

Without shame

Without gut distress

Without feeling like a diet is the only option

If this is not the case

You are not broken

You are not weak

You are not a failure

You haven’t fallen off a wagon….

If you do not feel healthy or happy about your situation

If you do not feel confident about which the right choices are

Just take one step today

Click this link to get on the phone with me

We can chin wag tomorrow if you like?


It is my personal and professional goal to have as many people feeling healthy and happy this time next year as I possibly can

I know I can change things for you

I know that I can help you if you feel stuck

Come unstuck with me


And I hope that you truly have a magical, special festive break

Filled with family, fun and laughter and love

Best wishes

Nicola Claus

Nicola santa