I will not tell you what you want to hear

Another blog about my dear old mum

She suffers from bilateral osteoarthritis

Which is a fancy way of saying that she has inflammation and pain in her knees and hips on both sides

She has been pursuing an anti inflammatory lifestyle by making some small changes to her nutrition, adding in walnuts, almonds, and some seeds to increase her omega 3’s (which are indeed anti-inflammatory)

She has also been asking me about supplements (everyone’s favourite go to magic pill!)

I’ve outlined some top grade supplements that she might want to consider taking to reduce her inflammation (because in the RIGHT situation supplements are absolutely A-OK)

I’m not going to list them on here because I am not attempting to diagnose or treat anyone in an email ;-)

The problem is that she wants me to tell her that they are going to fix her problem

I can’t do that

There are no magic pills


She looks at me beseechingly and with desperation (when you are in pain every day you understand this) and wants me to tell her that if she takes these supplements she will have a noticeable reduction in her pain

I cannot tell her that

Let me make this clear…THERE ARE NO MAGIC PILLS

Supplements on their own will NOT make a difference; at the very, very least they will make a minimal difference

The fix for this -> comes from within you and the choices that you make in your lifestyle

I’ve had to repeat myself to my mum more than once because she is desperate for that magic pill to take away her pain and her problems

I had to be firmer than I usually like to be, because I need her (and you) to understand that searching for answers and solutions in capsules and powders is not going to get you the results that you are looking for

Simple, small, sustainable lifestyle changes are THE MOST effective way to get what you want

When you have a healthy, happy lifestyle in place, supplements can give you the final 1-2% edge

But simply taking a pill and retaining all of your bad habits will have a minimal to zero effect on your progress

So stop wasting your money on this stuff

Instead consider investing your time in a free call with me (or someone else)

Strategy, coaching phone call

I am offering you a free call to chat and guide you in the right direction



If you want to waste your money on

  1. Fat burners
  2. Raspberry ketones
  3. And any other unproven, poor quality, useless supplement in your pursuit of health…

Then feel free to unsubscribe

I work with ladies who will put their health first

To me, there is nothing more important than taking care of you!

Nicola ‘broken record’ Rossell


Advanced Nutrition Coaching