I will not bonk

What does the word bonk mean to you?

There is a brand in triathlon called bonk

In this context it means ‘to run out of energy’

I am aware however that it does have another meaning outside of triathlon

I was wearing a t-shirt the other day whilst doing some sports massages

The t-shirt had a slogan on the front that said ‘I will not bonk’

With hindsight

And after one of my massage clients pointed it out

I realised that it could be interpreted another way

It left me thinking about interpretation

And how we can pretty much end up at any conclusion

If we choose to interpret things one way or another

How many times have you thought that someone was waving at you?

To realise that they were waving to someone behind you

How many times have you thought someone was frowning at you?

When in fact they were just minding their own business…

We interpret everything around us

And draw our own conclusions

So I’m no longer surprised when I find out that ladies just like you are baffled by weight loss!

If there was that much information being thrown at me daily

Left up to my own devices I think I’d be struggling to come out with the right interpretation

I’m offering you some clarity

A chance to ask questions

And sort out the right course of action for you and your body

So that you get the body that you deserve!

How does that sound?

Oh it comes with a money back guarantee too

100% money back if you do not get the results that I promise you!


Kick start your weight loss

Kick start your knowledge

Kick start your confidence!

Nicola ‘I will not bonk’ Rossell

Great day