I was humilated

It is rare in my life that I feel stupid

I’ve had a pretty good education

And I’m relatively self-aware

So I do ok and can usually hold my own

Never did I think that I would be humiliated watching Take Me Out

Sometimes in the evening we like to channel hop

Just for 10 mins or so whilst we wind down

We came across take me out

The show where an eligible man comes on and choose from 30 girls

At the end of each round he takes his pick and Paddy gives him a clue about one girl to help him decide

The factoid for this girl was that she could play chopsticks on the piano with her feet

Elliot exclaimed ‘that’s disgusting’

Now I am not musical in the slightest

Learned the recorder when I was 6, and never touched another instrument

I was a bit bemused by his reaction

I thought about it for a while and then said

it would only be disgusting if her feet were dirty, and if the chopsticks were dirty’

Elliot had this incredulous expression on his face as he starts to laugh at me

I, at this point, have no idea why he is laughing…

Once he could communicate though his guffaws

He explains to me that ‘chopsticks’ is a song….

I was left feeling incredibly stupid as he continued to laugh at me

Completely exposed by the gap in my musical education there!

The thing is that we can’t know everything and we can’t be good at everything

What I am good at is helping ladies to lose weight

Helping ladies to get their health, happiness and confidence back

And teaching them how to maintain this for the rest of their lives

So that they can lose weight and keep it off

I don’t do diets

And I don’t do short term fixes

So if you are looking for a quick fix

I am not the coach for you

But if you are looking for a coach who has extensive knowledge and experience in helping ladies to change….

Then I’m your gal

Just don’t expect me to know anything about music ;-)

Nicola ‘egg on my face’ Rossell


Here is a link to take you to my coaching application

I can’t take on everyone who applies

Don’t hesitate if you want to change


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