‘I want candy’ – Don’t deny yourself a spooky treat

I used to find Halloween a little challenging

Not because I am a big scaredy cat (although I am scared of the dark!)

In a similar way to Easter and Christmas ….

There is a lot of temptation around

The Halloween candy

The trick or treat sweets


We always buy far too much and it sits there tempting even the strongest willed of women!

This is the thing

If you are still trying to use willpower to control your eating habits

You’re probably close to failing

Or perhaps you’ve already failed and are planning a candy binge on Monday night!

I want you to know that you are not alone, and you’re not a failure

It took me YEARS and years to figure out that will power just wasn’t going to cut it

  1. I had to stop labelling foods as good or bad
  2. I had to stop being so mean to myself
  3. And I had to relax the rules a little bit

So, on Monday I plan to have a great breakfast and lunch full of veggies and protein….


Pumpkin soup for dinner – packed with goodness!

And then if I fancy a little bit of a sweetie treat

It’s not a big deal – I’ve covered my nutritional needs earlier in the day

A dessert is totally ok

Your eating habits must be sustainable if you want to lose weight and feel healthy and happy

And by this, I mean consistent and comfortable day to day

Consider getting on the blower with me

My free strategy calls have helped a bunch of ladies feel more confident about their choices

Sometimes it just takes a bit of professional permission to let up on the rules

And eat that candy

Don’t deny yourself a spooky treat

Nicola ‘happy halloween’ Rossell


Advanced Nutrition Coaching