I talk transformation and application

Today marks the beginning of 12 weeks of intensive fitness and nutrition training

For the lucky ladies who signed up to take part in the Beautiful Body Transformation

I’ll be taking them on a journey over the next 12 weeks

And sharing with you

The kind of success that we can achieve in 12 weeks

If we truly apply ourselves

And work hard

No one ever said that something worth having came easy

The things that matter

Health, fitness, strength, endurance

Are built over time

With work and commitment

If you want a slice of this

Keep your eyes peeled for the next time I run one of these courses

In the mean time

Keep your focus on those basics

And you’ll be surprised by how much you can achieve

Small changes

New habits

A new lifestyle

Nicola ‘to your health’ Rossell


If you are still unsure about what you need to do

I am giving away a free coaching strategy call

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I can help you decipher the confusion

And set you on the right track for success

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