I talk periods, energy and relaxing me time

This week I’ve done 12 massages

Holy smokes!

We decided to convert one of the offices at the gym

Into a sport massage studio and to get the ball rolling

I did a groupon promotion

And they flooded in

Fully booked my time up

And I’ve had a blast

I get a real kick out of massage and helping people to feel better

But now my arms and upper back are aching

And I’m tired [I need a massage wheyyy]

I’m really looking forwards to my weekend

Saturday morning lie in


[I scheduled this email for today … obviously 6am is not a lie in]

A delicious breakfast cooked by the other half

And no plans all day, other than to relax

Take a long walk around the woods

And probably watch a Harry Potter movie

This week my training has taken a serious hit


Massage is exhausting

And my body needs a rest now

My body doesn’t need to be beaten up with sprints or HIIT training – no matter what my programme says!

My body needs refuelling and nourishing

And especially as that TOTM is hitting tomorrow

Sorry for any chaps reading ;-) TMI right!

Did you know that your body burns about 20% more energy during your period?

This can often be why we get those crazy cravings for chocolate

Sweet treat cupcake icon

Were not just being greedy

Our body needs more food and energy during this time

A handy trick is to make sure you get a little more at each meal

Try not to gorge and binge

There is no reason to do that

Try adding about half a palm size portion of carbs to whatever your normal portion is

And see if that puts your cravings at bay

Take care of your body and it will take care of you!

I’d love to hear from you about your plans for the weekend!

Are you relaxing and taking care of your body?

Have you got some quality YOU time factored in?

Family time is always a great bonus too!

Being healthy is not just about getting the right amounts of proteins fats carbs and fibre

It’s about your whole lifestyle

As soon as I started to listen to what my body was telling me

My whole life turned around

And I feel great now

Heart icon

When I was fighting my body it was a downwards spiral to disaster-ville

Happy weekend-ing ladies!

Nicola ‘aaaaand relax’ Rossell

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