I talk more about lies, barriers and strategies

I want to cover part of yesterdays email in more detail

Again I got a bunch of unsubscribes

Apparently it got too close to the bone for some ladies

Today I intend to discuss with you…

And I used the word discuss because I invite you to comment and discuss this with me via email…

The stories and lies that we tell ourselves

The barriers that we put in our way

And again, do share your own personal stories with me

Firstly let me tell you some of my stories, some of my lies…

‘I am bad at maths, so I can’t do all of the number analysis for my job’


This is a belief I have held onto since I was about 9 years old

Because I felt inferior to the other kids in my class

I never felt like I got it

And I still freak out

Its deep rooted within me

Despite being put into an express maths group for the smarter kids

[we had to do extra maths at lunch time – that sucked!]

AND despite getting 100% in my maths module at uni

Can I really say I am bad at math???

But this still holds me back every day

I’m working on it

Another lie that I tell myself is that it’s all too hard

When I was learning about marketing and sales

I was completely overwhelmed

My mentor stormed into my life, pointed out to me that I had been doing it ALL wrong for years

[He was totally right]

And gave me all of the tools to do it right

I freaked out

It felt like chaos

And my mind went WAHHHHHHH I can’t do this

There is too much to learn, I don’t have the time, it’s too hard

Lies lies lies lies lies

I was a bit fat liar

I had to break it down, make it simple

And take it ONE. STEP. AT. A. TIME


So going back to yesterday….

The lies we tell ourselves:

‘It’s just too hard’

Well I think I just covered this one but to make this absolutely clear

‘I can’t change, I’ve been this way for too long’

‘I’m going to fail anyway so why bother starting’

‘Losing weight is so complicated, I don’t understand what I need to do’

‘I’m not ready to be healthy yet’

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That’s all for today

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