I talk Mo Farah and how to get the body you want

Have you been watching the athletics?

Did you see Mo Farah in the 5km

Just casually heading off from the pack to get some water

And then effortlessly gliding back in

He is a cut above the rest

And clearly a little cocky

But we like that in our athletes!

There is no one that can even match him right now

It’s absolutely phenomenal

His technique

His tactics

His power

His strength

Everything comes together to create that amazing moment

When he accelerates past the final chap and wins by meters

And gets the gold medal

All of his hard work

All of his commitment

All of his consistency

This is how progress is achieved

We may not all be gold medal contenders

We may all have different dreams and goals

But the principles that underline achievement towards a goal

Are the same for everyone

If you want something

You must be committed, consistent and work hard

On all of the things that will get you to your goal

For example

If you are an overweight woman

You feel uncomfortable in your clothes

You wish you could wear those sexy dresses and slim fit jeans

You want to feel confident and proud of your body

You will have the do the same essential things that Mo Farah does

He will listen to his body (and his coaches)

And give his body what he needs

If he’s craving some carbs

It’s probably because his body is needing some carbs

So he will eat some carbs

He’s not terrified of carbs making him fat

Because he has the balance right

He knows that without his sleep his body won’t develop in the way that he wants

And he won’t reach his goal

If his body is not recovering

Quality sleep is a great way to take care of your body

Make sure that you are getting yours

He makes sure that he covers all of the bases that he needs for running

He makes sure that he practises technique so that he can avoid injury

He hones his body until it is perfect for his goals

And then he goes out and performs at his best because he has done all of the groundwork

If we want to achieve a body that is different from the one that we have now

If you want to shape and tone your legs

Banish your bingo wings or say sayanara to your cellulite

It’s not going to be easy

But with the right work

In the right places

With the right guidance

You can do it

That is the truth

Without the groundwork

You won’t be able to do it

I’m not bursting your bubble

I’m telling you the truth

Based on my own experiences

And of coaching many other ladies

Why don’t YOU start here…


Let’s see what you’re made of

Nicola ‘going for gold’ Rossell