I talk ignorance and my screening process

I don’t ask for much from you

I enjoy writing emails to you each day

And providing you with value

And things that you can take away from my emails

To apply and learn from

I know that my emails have helped hundreds of women

To make small changes to their bodies and mindset

And they feel healthier, happier and more confident for it!

This is what gives me a warm fuzzy feeling…


So when I offer FREE coaching calls as a bonus

I expect my time to be appreciated and respected


I don’t think this is too much to ask, please tell me if you think I am wrong!

Recently I have had a speight of people booking calls

And either being unavailable at that time when I call

Which is annoying but I am prepared to give the benefit of the doubt here

Putting me on HOLD during the call WTF???

This happened not once, but 4 times in the same phone call…

Or simply just ignoring me completely

What the HELL happened to common decency and respect?

If you don’t want a call, don’t apply for one PERIOD

Strategy, coaching phone call

If you change your mind and want to cancel – tell me

Don’t just ignore me until I give up

This is incredibly rude

And I don’t work with rude people

The point of a these phone calls is to add value to your life

To give you a chance to chat with me and gain something from me

And get to know me a little too

If further down the line you decide to work with me – superb

But you can bet your bottom dollar that I won’t work with you if you’ve screwed me over

I am screening you too

This is a two way process

If you can’t respect my time on the phone

I don’t believe that you will respect my time in the gym

Thus I choose not to work with you

If this attitude offends you


If honesty offends you


If being told ‘how it is’ offends you


Are you getting the idea?

I don’t want people in my business or my life

Who don’t have the common decency to respect me and my time!

That is a deal breaker

Nicola ‘angry, not hangry’ Rossell


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