I talk about weekend plans and I question you


Its Saturday morning

I hope you have plans to relax a bit

Do some exercise and get hot and sweaty

And consume some tasty food

They are my plans anyway!

Weekends are great aren’t they

So I’m not going to encroach on yours any more today

Super quick email

I’m looking for your feedback

I want to make these emails better for you

I want to give more

I want to help you navigate the confusing corridors of nutrition and health

I want to provide you with an email every day that kicks ass and allows you to do the same

For this I just need 30 seconds more of your time

If you click this link


I have created a short survey that will allow me to serve you better

Please if you have 30 seconds today

Just take that time and help me to help you

Thanks in advance for your help

And I’ll be in your inbox tomorrow as usual

With some bad ass things that I learned on my course this week

Stay tuned

And stay classy

Nicola ‘question time’ Rossell


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