I talk about transforming your body and health

When we are holding a bit of extra weight

Knowing that we are not in our best health

We are really good at telling ourselves that it’s all going to be ok

Well realistically it might be…

OR you might develop one of the now COMMON obesity related diseases

For example…

Diabetes affects 3.9 million people in the UK

That’s 1 in every 16

It’s debilitating and frustrating

I watch my grandma struggle to control her blood sugar every day

She is at risk from hypoglycemia which can lead to severe consequences

This occurs when one is overweight and the body stops being able to process sugar efficiently

OR you could suffer with high blood pressure

Where the arteries and capillaries are being forced to work extra hard

Because being overweight puts extra strain on your body

50% of people over 65 have high blood pressure

1 in 4 middle aged adults have high blood pressure

This can result in blood clots

And death

Maybe you’ll get the whole shebang…

Metabolic syndrome


Where the combined effects of diabetes, being overweight and high blood pressure

Marry together and create chaos for your body


The risk of these health issues are staring us in the face

Look into your future

Don’t shy away from this because ignoring reality is like playing hideaway with your intelligence

Just because you cover your eyes

Does not make the issues any less real

Luckily I have a solution for you

Beautiful Body Transformation puts your health first

Helps you to create new habits

Out with the old in with the new as they say

I will show you what to do to change the shape of your body

I will tell you the exact steps that you need to transform your nutrition

Without giving up the things that you love to eat

Sweet treat cupcake icon

I will give you the blueprint for a healthy lifestyle

And together we will build it for 12 weeks

Giving you EVERYTHING that you need to proceed and take control of your health

I work with ladies who want to change their reality

From a lifestyle where you are at risk of developing seriously bad health issues

To a lifestyle where you focus on your health and get the body that you deserve

I will give you everything that you need

You just have to turn up

Click here to apply for your place in my 12 week transformation


Body Beautiful Trial

We kick off in 6 days

Join me and get real about your health and wellbeing

Nicola ‘saying it how it is’ Rossell

If you’re offended by my direct approach

Then we wouldn’t be a good fit to work together

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