I talk about training and long term results

This draws to a close my first week back at training

I feel a bit tired and worn out

With achey muscles

But ultimately I feel good and energised

The first hurdle in any new venture….

No matter how seasoned you are

Is going to be a struggle

As soon as you start feeling the benefits of your new regime

It all gets much easier and even becomes something incredibly enjoyable

The biggest barrier this week for me

Has not been my tiredness

Nor my time as I’m lucky to have a very flexible schedule

It has been my own MIND


When things have not gone to plan

It’s difficult to plough on and know that I’m in this for the long term

I was meant to go for a run yesterday

Elliot promised to go with me but he injured his foot and we couldn’t go

A while back perhaps I would have been inflexible and upset that my plan had been thwarted

But instead we went for a walk for 2 hours in the sunshine and had some really good quality time

What will be different on your journey?

I can go on my run later today or Monday even

My preference for structure probably comes from the time that I was coached when everything had its time and place

Now I am doing my best to exercise to help my body feel good

That doesn’t need a structure

All I need to do is get out and do something

It could be going dancing



You name it

You can benefit from doing it

**I enjoyed every day this week**

Knowing that next week my body will be stronger and fitter

And in 6months I will have made amazing progress

Can you see that far ahead

Do you believe it’s possible?

One of the things that holds us back is that we just can’t see our future

We want something but we cannot visualise it actually becoming a reality

You can be a million per cent sure

That it will not be a reality

If you do nothing

Nicola ‘higher faster stronger’ Rossell


Having a coach

Or someone who can reassure you

When you feel like you’re going off track

Is really key

Because your mind really plays tricks

I’m sure you know that already!

But have you ever had some coaching?

Is it on your radar…

But you’re just not sure

I can help you make up your mind


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