I talk about the truth, our lies and our reality

The truth will set you free

Its hard to admit when you are failing

Or feeling rubbish

We are trained as a society to lie

We lie about how we feel every day

We tell each other that we are fine

And we carry on

Knowing that inside we are feeling like crap

And lying about it

This takes up a massive amount of headspace

I do this too by the way

We all love to appear like we have our shit together

We paint this idyllic picture of our lives

We post images on fakebook that show us in the best light

Heck most of us even filter our own images now so we appear even better

Cheers instagram for that one

We can now represent the peachy side of life

But we hide this dark side

And we all have one

Unless you’re some sort of super human

In which case write a book and tell us all how to do it

You’ll be a millionaire

We all have those days where we don’t want to get out of bed

Where we are not inspired

Where we are not motivated

And somewhere along the line

We started to believe that it was not ok to have those feelings

It was probably around the time that these motivational memes got popular

You know the sort

‘Unless you puke faint or die, keep going…’

Really inspirational (sarcasm, if you didn’t catch that one!)

It gives us the impression that we must crack on and get shit done

When we absolutely don’t feel like it

And do you know why I can call you out and know it’s a lie

Because you don’t feel that way

There is no point saying ‘I should get out of bed and be motivated’

Because you’re not

The reality is that you are not

And that my friend is the kicker

Arguing with reality is like arguing with a wall

You’ll get nowhere and you’ll end up frustrated and annoyed

Cause walls don’t talk back and we like to be heard and listened to

Sometimes we just don’t feel like doing stuff

And that’s ok

Not that you need my permission

But sometimes it sure does help to hear someone else say it

Once in a while

Amongst all of the noise on fakebook

And the happy clappy ‘life is ALWAYS amazing’ club

If there was one person telling the truth and admitting that actually today is harder than yesterday

You know what…’I’m just not feeling it today’

I’ve been deserted by motivation

It doesn’t make you a bad person, it doesn’t define you

It makes you human

And a damn sight more honest than those claiming that its all sunshine and rainbows

I don’t have a problem with people being happy

I want more happiness in the world

But I want to see true happiness

Which comes with downs

They go hand in hand

We are emotional, hormonal beings

Shit brings us down

Stupid things make us happy

It’s obvious sometimes

But often there is little rhyme nor reason behind it

I’ve had enough now

I haven’t had a bad day

I am just tired of hearing people lie about their reality

Life is shit sometimes


If you hear what I’m saying

Holla back at me

Being honest about your situation is liberating

And it will set you free

It’s like being able to be yourself all of the time

Not just being on display and fearing the social comeback!

I have nothing else for you today


Nicola ‘sun shines out of my…’ Rossell

Nicola signature


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