I talk about the secrets to weight loss success

The clocks went back this morning

Did it catch you out?

There is usually some poor soul waiting at the gym for me at 8am

With furious eyes after being there since 7am

Until they realise their mistake

I don’t laugh at them of course….

It was pretty lucky for me this time around

I went to a party last night which would ordinarily mean that my normal bed time of 9.30 is out of the question

Leaving me feeling dreadful the next morning

[Yes I am that responsive to lack of sleep!]

However with the gift of an extra hour I still managed 8 hours of sleep



I have to make sure that I get my sleep quality and quantity

I turn into a scary bear without it

Kind of like when I don’t get fed enough too!            

I don’t cope well when my body is not getting what it needs

So I work hard to ensure that to the best of my ability

I always give my body the respect it deserves

To function properly and optimally

Do you know your body?

Are you savvy to the signals that it is sending you?

Or have you spent so long ignoring the signs

That you just feel constantly like crap

Without even realising that this can be changed!

Wake up sister! [no pun intended]

You should feel energised by your sleep

Not like you have to drag your ass out of bed every morning

Cringing at your alarm and the dark

[It’s lighter now for a time

So it should be a bit easier anyway]

Sun light

You should feel like you can stay awake and alert for your daily tasks

If you are relying on coffee coffee coffee

Or tea or red bull or sugary fizzy drinks

This is a sure sign that you lacking energy

Is this from your sleep? (or lack of?)

There are a couple of things that you could do to begin to improve this

And start to feel better

Weight loss is not just about the food you eat

And the exercise that you do


It’s about you as a whole

And the daily habits that you have

Cut the caffeine

Not cut it out altogether

But aim to cut out caffeine after 2pm

And have a regular bed time

Sounds super simple right

News flash girlfriend

There are no secrets to weight loss success

It’s about the small simple things that you can do




What will be different on your journey?

Without this

You can’t really hope to lose weight and be healthy LONG TERM

If you’re not down with doing the daily stuff

I don’t know why you are still reading my emails

You won’t get any special sauce from me

There are no pills, potions or secret recipes for losing weight

Just you and your choices

Nicola ‘sleeps like a baby’ Rossell

Not sure if you ‘get it’ yet?

Don’t fret

I want t help

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It’s your chance to take advantage of my years of experience

And ask those burning questions

Ask the question

‘Nicola, how do I lose weight?’

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