I talk about the lies that we tell ourselves

Yesterdays email was pretty bad ass

It caused a tonne of unsubscribes


If you are offended by the truth

There is no point in sticking around

Because you’ll just keep getting your panties in a twist

Every time you get one of my emails

If you like my particular brand of truth telling

Then stick around and strap in

Cause we’re going to get real over the next week or so

Starting now!!!

Are you lying to yourself?

Immediately we all want to say no, right?

Cause we value honesty and integrity

But I am not talking about lying with intent


‘No Elliot of course I didn’t eat the last rolo’

‘Sure honey, I put the trash out’

‘Of course I went to the gym today, I love busting my ass’

Said hardly anyone, ever!


I am talking about the lies that we tell ourselves

The stories that we construct to make it easier when we fail

‘It’s just too hard’

‘I can’t change, I’ve been this way for too long’

‘I’m going to fail anyway so why bother starting’

‘Losing weight is so complicated, I don’t understand what I need to do’

‘I’m not ready to be healthy yet’ -> what are you waiting for? Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease…

These are all bullshit stories

This does not apply to you IF you are seeking help OR taking action

This applies to you if you are sitting there in denial

Wishing the weight would drop off

So you could fit into that Christmas party dress and looking rocking hot

But you are NOT prepared to do anything about it

You think about it

You talk about it

You dream about it

But you don’t DO anything about it

Weight loss IS hard

It CAN be complicated by certain things

But the biggest barrier


And the stories that you are telling yourself about WHY you can’t do it

Stop story telling

Stop using those imaginary barriers to hold you back

Brick wall

Let go of some of your pride

And ask for some help if you are truly stuck

This is where I can help you

Apply for my free coaching call


Strategy, coaching phone call

And get on track to making something happen

Learn how to take the first steps

Truly if you can make simple changes that you apply each day

You are making progress

And that is VALUABLE

There is nothing more valuable than your health

If you are overweight your health is at risk

Let me summarize to make this clear

  1. Stop lying to yourself
  2. Make simple changes
  3. If you don’t know HOW to start
  4. Apply and get a free coaching call from me


There are no excuses left

Nicola ‘the health police’ Rossell