I talk about the basics, the basics oh and the basics!

Yesterday I met with a very good friend of mine

We met at a party a few years ago

And he told me that I should drink vodka

Straight up

No mixers


Oh ‘add ice’ he said

Perfection apparently

Perhaps he didn’t mean the vodka

That I was used to drinking at uni


Paint stripper

This was probably before he became

A super serious pro athlete

Although I’m sure he does still enjoy

The occasional tipple ;-)

Anyhow we got chatting away

About life and inevitably

We got around to training and health

He is an exceptional athlete

And he gave me a super insight

My friend, lets call him David

Is a professional athlete

So he’s super savvy about nutrition

And the thing that surprised me the most

Was that he takes ZERO supplements

Part of that comes down to WADA

And the anti doping rules

Cause they are super strict

And nasty stuff can creep into supplements

That would be fine for you and I

But for a pro

Who is drug tested

He just can’t take that risk

That would be career, DONE

So David gets ALL that he needs from food

Let me say that again




He keeps it simple

He trains hard


And sleeps like a baby

He has the formula right

This is what I talk about

Over and over again

I try and give you the message

In new and interesting ways

With stories and frills

But what it comes down to

Whatever you are training for….

Health, performance, aesthetics?

Are the pillars

Training your body

Eating for your body

Quality sleeping

No add-ons

No level ups

Just the simple basics

Sorry it’s not SEXY is it?

I know we like to think there are magic pills

And potions that will work their magic

I can’t give you those

Not only do they not exist

Anything that is advertised like that

Is a scam

It’s a scam on your money

But more importantly

It’s a scam on your health

Let me be clear

I’m not saying that supplements

Are not useful in certain circumstances

But if David can be a top level

Professional athlete


You can get your health in tip top shape

Without them!

Nicola Rossell

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And what you could be doing

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