I talk about taking breaks, surfing and sleeping in airports

I’m off on holiday today

I’m actually flying as I speak to you now

If we left on time that is



What a beast of a time

The journey

Was horrible

I had to get a train to stansted airport last night

I got here at 11pm or something  like that

And dozed in the airport

Clutching tightly to my bag

You see I was too tight to stretch for a hotel

For like 2 hours of sleep

It seemed pointless to me

I’m probably reflecting on this

And cursing myself

I treat myself to mini breaks every few months

Because I work hard

And it makes my brain hurt

I’m not a robot

I don’t just shut down and reboot

I’m a human

And I need time off

To relax

Cause my job

Is essentially sorting out other peoples shit

People come with emotional baggage

And they like to share that with me

And I genuinely love that part of my job

Being able to get into someone’s very soul

And help them figure stuff out

But it does take its toll

So before I implode

I take breaks

This time

I’m off to Santander

No NOT the bank

Somewhere in Spain

To do a week of surfing

Or in my experience

Drinking copious amounts of salt water

And being smacked in the face by waves!

It’s fun I promise

I even stood up once!

Surfing break

So I’ll be out of action for a week

No work for me

But because I love ya’ll so much

I’ve prepared emails to go out all week

Every day

As usual

Cause that’s my thing

I’m in your inbox every morning

That’s what I do

And that doesn’t stop

The banter

The lessons

And the quality content

Does not stop when I go away

To get what others haven’t got

I must do what others are not prepared to do

I want a business where I am there for you

Day in day out

So I make that happen

Just don’t expect a reply from me until Friday 7th august

That’s when I touch down

And you’ll be my #1 priority

Well it’ll be you, or sleep probably!

I’m off with my uni friends

It’s been 3 years since we were all together

And it tends to get a bit rowdy

Wish me luck!

Nicola ‘riding waves’ Rossell

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