I talk about stress, travelling and clothes

I packed my luggage for Spain

And the depressing reality is

That I have only packed a weeks’ worth of clothes

And I have nothing left

What kind of girl am I eh?

I have enough clothes for ONE week

I’m down to my work and charity t-shirts

Until I go tonight!

Perhaps a shopping spree is in order

But man o man I hate shopping

It bores the pants off me

I am excited about going on holiday though

It seems like a long time ago that I was in Lanzarote

I’m grateful that I have the freedom to get away again

Sometimes work takes a giant toll on me

I think this break is a few weeks overdue


No matter how much we love them

Still take their toll on us

No matter what you do

If you care about your work

And put your heart and soul in

And sometimes even if you don’t do that

It saps energy and we do find ourselves living for the weekend

Or counting down the days until we can leave to fly away

I work weekends every week

So I am now counting down the hours til I can take a break

I don’t resent my work

But the stress that it adds sometimes

Is overwhelming

And I find that taking quarterly breaks

Really works well for me

My motivation and passion

Carry me for about 2-3 months

Then I crash and burn

And need that break

By the sea

Or in the mountains

Or a bit of culture

I’m not overly fussy where I fly to

Just taking a break does wonders for me

My health in particular

And my mind

Giving yourself a break from firing on all cylinders

Is really important

If you can’t get away abroad

We have some lovely places to go in the UK

Even just cycling out to the countryside

Near where you live

Could be enough to reset the mind

Next time you start to feel the stress adding up

Find your happy place

That place where you can relax

Away from the sights, sounds and smells of the normal world

Take yourself out of reality for a while



Or you can be like me

And book a flight ;-)

Nicola Rossell


I strongly advocate balance for all of my clients

Designing a lifestyle around all of the things that you have to do

And all of the things that you want to do

Getting the balance right is really important

For health



I can help you out there!