I talk about regret, aches and pains and doing what you love

Perhaps my fear of doing long bike rides

Was there for a reason

I hurt today

In places I forgot that I could hurt

My achilles are the surprising ones


And I felt my legs giving up

As I tried to run upstairs


Of course I’m kidding

I don’t regret riding those 35 miles

If anything

It reminded me

That I’m a good cyclist

When I have the right fuel

And the right mindset

And I enjoyed it

35miles in the sun

A short stop off at Bosworth

And quality time with people I like

There is no downside

And it’s inspired me to get back into cycling more

I won’t be training like last year

I’ll be doing it when I feel like it

No pressure

It’s a great way of getting out

And seeing our beautiful countryside

And it’s a great way of exercising

Which we know has wonderful health benefits

And burns lots of calories

Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore

You get to choose

You get to pick what you like

And do that

Whether that’s cycling like me

Or zumba

Or pole dancing

Or running

Or snoboarding

The beauty of this world

That has so much to offer

Is that we get to choose our pastimes

And we don’t have to do them with any sort of structure

We can just get out

And do it when we fancy

Go for a walk

That’s the simplest

And cheapest method of exercise around

And it’s really good for you

Find your passion

And enjoy it

You don’t need a training plan

Or a coach to do that

If you want to get a little more serious

And take your passion further

Get better

And harder, faster, stronger

Then that might be the time to consider a coach

But until then

Do your thang

And love it

And the even better thing

Is that your love –

Can change

You’re not stuck doing running

If you suddenly change your mind

About running

You can do dancing instead

Follow your heart!

That’s really cheesy isn’t it

But true

If you are in the market for a coach


Apply for a coaching call with me ^^^^^^

We may not be right for one another

But you won’t know

Until you speak to me

And I’ll call you

So it’s free




Nicola Rossell