I talk about psychics and monster munch

On Sunday I attended a health fayre

Ok ok

It was a psychic + healthy living fayre

Initially the poster caught my eye

Because I saw psychic and thought pahhhhhhhahah

Then I saw healthy living part and thought


Perhaps I could do something with that

So I set aside my preconceptions

And gave the organisers a call

They were perfectly happy to give me a table

And at half price since I could only make half of the day

So after work

I trekked down to the hotel

And set up my table

With some posters and leaflets etc

There was a lot of glancing around

It was completely dead

And everyone was totally bored

A few of the other tables came over to me

And said they wished they hadn’t bothered

Cause it had been a waste of time

Pretty pessimistic

So I looked around at everyone sitting down

Hunched over their phones

And looking mutinous

And I decided to be different

I put my chair aside

Maintained a smile

And people came over to talk to me

It wasn’t the greatest take over in the world

But the power of a few small acts

Made the difference

I was surrounded by palm readers


And tarot card readers

I don’t personally set any store by these arts

I think its all a load of phoey to be quite honest

But they certainly had a following

I pretty much think along the lines

Live and let live

You can’t control what other people do

And quite frankly why would you want to?

It makes the world more interesting

For example

A couple of guys were sitting behind a table

Selling forever living products

Their main product is a 9 day detox where you don’t eat

Its cray cray

And if you’ve been reading for sometime now

You’ll understand how I feel about this sort of thing

And hopefully you will have formed your own opinion too

I was listening to snippets of their conversation during the afternoon

They came out with gems like

‘you know if you make fruit smoothies, there is more fruit in them than if you eat the fruit’


How does that happen then?

And their crowning moment was eating a large bag of monster munch

Whilst trying to talk someone into doing a diet system

That encourages ‘healthy’ eating (no eating)

I’d had enough by that point

So I packed up and left

Chortling to myself

A couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon

A few leads

Not a waste of time

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