I talk about progress and my flagship programme

Rarely is progress linear

I am constantly amazed when I hear ladies exclaim to be a failure because they didn’t lose a lb this week

Progress is more like a squiggle – it goes in all directions

It’s perhaps a failing of coaches like me to explain how this weight loss jazz actually works

So here goes…

When we are making nutritional changes

Or exercise changes

We are taking the body by surprise

This works in our favour, we want our body to be guessing

Because as soon as it feels settled and gets efficient

It will plateau and create a new norm

So for example

If we start a running programme and get off the couch 3 times a week to pound the pavements

Endorphins rush from training

(Making an assumption that we don’t change any of our eating habits here)

Your body will go into a caloric deficit (assuming that you were in a maintenance before)

Side note…do you see how many caveats there are to this weight loss thing

It’s not as simple as the healthy guru’s would have you believe

So this caloric deficit will cause your weight loss

At this time – you cannot be 100% sure whether you are losing body fat or lean body mass (muscle)

Ideally we want to be losing fat of course

We never want to waste muscle as this is active tissue and helps our metabolism

Yep that’s right, having more muscle, boosts your metabolism

So you can eat more without gaining weight – pretty cool huh

Anyway back on topic

After a period of time let’s say 2-3 weeks (it would be different in everyone), your body will get wise to your tricks

And it will re-set your metabolism at a new lower level

If you stay in a caloric deficit, eventually your body gets used to it

And changes the game on you

This means that we must adapt too

We have two choices

Either drop calories more

Or exercise more



(Hmmm there are more options than this but for now it is beyond the scope of this one email)

So each time you create a deficit, either by eating less, or moving more

You are effectively re-setting your metabolism lower and lower

And this is characterised by those plateaus that you feel when it seems like you are not getting anywhere

We don’t want this to happen

We want our metabolism to be as high as possible

We like food and we want to eat as much of it as possible without gaining weight don’t we?

Cooked fresh chicken - protein

If you want to know HOW to do this

HOW to structure your exercise and nutrition

So that you maintain muscle

Lose fat

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