I talk about perspective, the horizon and drama

Holidays are great
Not least because of the surplus of sun, sea and ice cream
They give you time to reflect
Think on what is important
As I gazed upon the horizon
From my luscious hotel room
With sea view
Blatant brag
Sorry, not sorry!
I was overcome with understanding and clarity
You see when we are at home
We can get bogged down with the small stuff, the trivial stuff
We don’t always cope as well when things get on top of us
Because we cant see the wood for the trees
When its Monday morning
And the kids are being difficult
Its raining and breakfast was disappointing
All of these things add up to make us feel sucky
Yes I’ve invented a new adjective right there!
But when you are away from all of that
Your troubles seem to melt away
And that’s when you can really afford yourself come clarity
When you gaze upon something beautiful
And you can hear the sea lapping at the shore
And the sun is warming your face
You feel at peace
When I look at the horizon it makes me feel invincible
If only I could replicate those feelings back at home
Its not impossible though
Feeling at peace and objectively clear
Is not just a fleeting holiday once a year thing
You can feel that way year round
Sure, we can’t guarantee the weather
Sure we don’t all have a sea view
In fact here in Leicester we’re about as far from the sea as you can get in UK in all directions!
But what if you could guarantee your mindset
So that when shit happens
And it will
That’s the one thing that you can guarantee in life by the way
Shit will happen
I’ll tell you that for free!
What if you could make it so that when shit happens in your day
You don’t let it overwhelm you
You don’t keep adding stress on stress on stress
You understand how to manage your life so that you can fee free and at peace
Despite what is happening around you
Because regardless of the steps you take to minimise drama
Drama occurs around us
But it is up to us how we react to it
It is in your control
This is what my beautiful body programme entails
Building a strong, confident mindset that can cope with the big stuff
And the small stuff, before it becomes big stuff
Are you with me?
Do you want to gaze upon that horizon of endless possibility
The only thing that is stopping you, is you!
Hit me up for more details
Or just check out my page for more info
Nicola ‘gazing into the distance’ Rossell
PS –
Round two of ditch the diet is coming soon, with a free seminar
Watch this space!
Horizon and holidays
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