I talk about losing inches and progress being unpredictable

I got a message from a lady the other day, Danielle

I like to share these things with you

Because I know you can relate

I keep identities private of course

Your security is important to me

But every so often a question or comment crops up

That I know many more of you can benefit from

And it’s valuable to share these things with you

Danielle was a bit upset

She has been working really hard

She’s part of a small training group that I run with 4 ladies in it

The other ladies were waxing lyrical about the weight they’ve lost

The inches they’ve shed

The message I got was something along the lines of

‘I feel a bit frustrated with everyone losing inches, in a good way’

She is happy for her friends

But perhaps a little jealous of their success when she feels she isn’t matching up to them

Have you ever felt that way?

Perhaps when one of your friends began to embrace the gym and changing her eating habits

Drinking water for health

And lost loads of weight and looked radiant with health

Whether they flout their success or not, it’s bloomin obvious isn’t it!

It’s tough when you are in a different place

But that’s the key word here

You are different

Your body is different

Your mindset is different

Your metabolism is different


If two people embrace all of the same health, fitness and nutrition concepts at the same time

The results would be ENTIRELY DIFFERENT

Winding road

Even identical twins have been shown to respond DIFFERENTLY to controlled conditions

We all have our own starting point

And we all have our own journey to take

It may take some of us longer to reach our physical goals than others

But if we place health at the centre

As the thing that drives us forwards

Then we are ALL winning

Strive for health

And get the body that you DESERVE

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Nicola ‘question master’ Rossell


If you don’t want to place health as your primary goal

We will be a terrible fit to work together

And I doubt you’ll get much from my emails

Because I spout on and on about health – because that is what gets true results

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