I talk about leftovers, gaining weight and dating giants!

Dining with your other half can be a confusing experience

We are mostly aware of portion sizes now

But are we making sure that we are getting what we need

As an individual

It’s especially difficult when you have a 6’5’’ partner who eats like a horse

And has hollow legs

And doesn’t store body fat (bastard!)

Eating together

And sharing food with your significant other

Is valuable

It’s bonding time

It’s nice to sit and talk and connect

We should be doing it as much as we can IMO

But it can be hard to get the actual meal aspect of the dining experience right

When we dish up our culinary creations

Cooking, kitchen

How often are you paying attention to the portion size

And the difference between what you need

Compared to your partner

If you are roughly the same size and build as your partner

Then this is much simpler

But if you are dating a giant (Elliot)

This significant other

Is going to need a LOT more food than little old me

Elliot is a whole foot taller than me

He is also a growing young man

Who is very active

Avoid weight gain

All of these things should be considered when plating up

It seems a lot to think about

Can’t I just plate up and eat for goodness sake?

Gaining weight is easy

Too easy

You know this though

Cause you are reading my emails

Especially women right!

When in relationships

We get comfy

And we get a bit squidgy too

And it can mean we lose our confidence

We look in the mirror

Gained weight?

And despite what our (kind) partner is saying

We know we don’t look the same

And we are not happy

It’s ok we can do something about it

When dishing up your delicacy

Pay attention to the size of the ‘heaps’ of food

And eat to your hunger

Have a small glass of water 20mins before you eat

And eat slowly and deliberately

Putting down your knife and fork between each bite

Give you body a chance to recognise that you are feeding it

Its not a crime to leave food on your plate

We were taught that we should ‘eat it all up’

Its hard to break that mentality

But you could just ‘eat it all up’ tomorrow as a snack

How about that

You don’t need to worry about snack time tomorrow now!

Just try and be more aware of what is going in

It’s easy to get carried away

And feel stuffed 10 minutes later

The body needs to catch up

Be present when you are eating

Don’t succumb to mindless eating

Heck you might even enjoy your food more

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Nicola ‘full up’ Rossell

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