I talk about ironman and doing ‘the work’

The main purpose of my trip to Lanzarote was in support of my dad and uncle
Ironman Lanzarote
They do this crazy thing called Ironman
Of course my secondary purpose was holiday
When opportunity knocks, and all that!
An Ironman involves crazy distances
3.8km swim
180km bike
42km run (a marathon)
As if the rest wasn’t enough already right!!
As you can image it takes a fair amount of training
And preparation
And probably being a bit mental along with it too
I’ve done a 1/2 Ironman before and boy oh boy
It was long and it hurt like hell
I don’t even want to consider the full whack
Race day comes around and they both get out onto the bike course ok
Ironman Lanzarote
The swim is the shortest (not necessarily the easiest) bit
So I have a nice long 8-9 hours before I have to come back to watch them on the bike
They do one giant loop of the island you see
Battling the immense winds
The huge mountain climb
And their own mindset as they ride a gruelling 180km
Its punishing and relentless
So I’m hanging out in the sun
Ironman Lanzarote
Eating an ice cream and watching the other competitors coming in
After about an hour I start to worry a little
They aren’t super athletes, but they normally do ok
After 90mins they suddenly appear behind us
Showered and clean and not on their bikes
My brain struggles for a moment to comprehend
It turns out that they both missed the bike cut off
This is a big deal, because you either make it or you don’t
And what it comes down to
Is you have either done the work
Or you haven’t
The thing is
I know my dad didn’t do the work
I watched him training over the last few months
He didn’t do enough
He failed
That sounds harsh
And it is
But its reality
And this is where the lesson comes in
If you want to achieve something
Whether it be an Ironman finish
Or weight loss
Your goal is whatever you want it to be
But if you don’t do the work
Then you have to face the reality of failure
My dad and uncle had to walk around for the rest of the week
With locals saying ‘how long did it take to finish’
‘Well done Ironmen’
They had to face their failure every day after the event
They learned a giant lesson about preparation
They will take it more seriously next time
You can do this too
Don’t get in your own way
You have the power to make choices
You have the power to do the work required to achieve something
If you plan and implement
Barring disaster you should be able to achieve what you want
I teach this in my programmes
How to set manageable goals
And how to work a little each day to reach them in a good healthy time frame
If you want to know more
If you want to do more
Hit me up
Nicola ‘tells it how it is’ Rossell