I talk about email and I value your input!

I’m experiencing writers block

I’ve written a daily email

For approximately 121 days

Well 122 now that you’re reading today’s

I think that’s pretty good going

Being able to speak on my specialist subject

For 122 days

So its time for some feedback

I want to know

What you think

I want to know

If you’re still missing any links

In the puzzle

That we are trying to piece together every day

Our weight loss battles

Our mindset wars

Am I providing you

With the right content

Do you find my emails funny?



[insert your own adjective here]

Without your input

I don’t know that I’m hitting the spot

I could be completely off base

So holla back at me

I’m interested in knowing what you think!

I value your input

So step up

And fire an email back at me

I welcome positive and negative feedback

I can’t make everyone happy

Of course if you really don’t like my emails

There is a simple solution

Hit the old unsubscribe button down below

It’s super easy

One click

And done

I’ll bother you no more

Nicola Rossell


If you do want more contact with me

You know what to do

Hit me up via my application form

And I’ll call you


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