I talk about doing a detox and mistakes

Yesterday was national ‘one hit wonder’ day

Which got me thinking about how often we try things that we think are going to be sustainable

But they just end up being like the one hit wonders that we all know and love

The teletubbies, the kumars and sam and the womp being the first few that came to mind

*Psyche* I used Wikipedia OBVIOUSLY the teletubbies are not at the forefront of my mind :-/

Let me tell you about things that I have tried out that have been one hit wonders

Because I was looking for a magic pill to change my body without doing any work:

I’m sure you’ve probably done these

And more besides

Because that is what we are being sold nowadays!

There is so much wrong with those things

Luckily I changed the way I was thinking about food and exercise

Became qualified in this area too

And decided that I wanted to prevent other ladies from falling down the same rabbit hole

By far the worst I have ever felt

Was on the 9 day detox

It was hell, I had a constant headache

And I was constantly hungry

I had already got most of my education by this point

And this company approached me to sell their detox to my clients

I told them that I would sell it, if I could try it and make my own mind up as to whether it was a good idea

It wasn’t

It was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced

And I would never EVER recommend it to anyone

The overtraining well that was just me being a total fool

Isn’t hindsight fantastic

And the 1000kcal thing

One of the trainers in the gym that I worked in when I first started

Told me that that was what she does

Naïve and young

I thought ‘ok she looks great’

Let’s try it

Lo and behold I failed INSTANTLY

Because fundamentally I like food

And 1000kcal is half of what I need on a daily basis

Of course this number changes for each individual

If you want some guidance on HOW to build sustainable practises into your lifestyle

Where you lose weight and tone up

But without doing extreme diets

Or extreme volumes of exercise

And develop a lifetime strategy for weight maintenance

Rather than trying the next one hit wonder diet or exercise class..

Consider my 12 week transformation

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Nicola ‘here for the long term’ Rossell